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Collecting evidence for a domestic case involving child custody, spousal infidelity or even a corporate case can be difficult unless you have someone with training, experience and the right tools. A private investigator in Houston can help you get the answers you need when you are building a case against someone. You can hire a private investigator in Houston from Keys Investigations equipped with all the latest surveillance gear that is capable of capturing the truth without detection. We are fully licensed and insured with the Texas Department of Public Safety with an A15405 License. When you come to Keys Investigations to hire a private investigator in Houston, rest assured that your case will be handled with the utmost confidentiality with special emphasis placed on efficiency.

A Houston private investigator at Keys Investigations will discover the truth. We use various methods to accomplish this goal. One method is performing a data search. We can search for a person using a wide range of sources such as the Social Network Profile Search, death records, a Social Security Number search and more. Also, we can conduct a search for business information, licenses, criminal records, court records, assets (which includes motor vehicles, property assessments, property deeds, DBAs and more) and select phone records.

If surveillance is required, our investigators in Houston will use their expertise to gather information using state-of-the-art equipment as well as our specialized training. Using either video or still pictures or both, we can catch the “subject” going through their daily activities in a covert manner. If they display behavior that contradicts their words, then there will be a record of it thanks to the work of a private investigator. Houston residents will need an experienced private investigator to conduct an investigation of this magnitude because someone who is inexperienced, or using less-than-stellar equipment, could hurt your case to the point where it is damaged beyond repair.

Keys Investigations has a qualified staff that can produce results. Darwin Keys, head of Keys Investigations, has more than a decade worth of experience in private investigations. He and his staff have obtained incriminating video and data evidence for high-profile cases involving millions of dollars and have changed the outcomes of these cases as a result. This includes child custody cases, infidelity investigations, workers compensation cases, and insurance defense cases.

If you need a private investigator in Houston who has skills and the know-how to conduct an investigation properly, contact Keys Investigations today. For more information, call 832-274-2009 or email

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Keys Investigations Can Provide You with a Private Investigator in Houston to Get the Truth You Need

[Posted on August 23]

Whether you are collecting evidence against an employee who is stealing or someone who is committing insurance fraud, knowing that your evidence is valid and will stand up in court is important. It often becomes necessary to find a third party to gather this evidence for you. When you are in need of a private investigator in Houston, Keys Investigations can help. We can provide you with the evidence that you need to ensure that you present your case accurately. Whether you need to learn about an infidelity or you need to prove neglect regarding a child custody case, we have experienced investigators who will learn the truth for you.

A Houston private investigator from Keys Investigations will use the latest technology to help you to prove your case. All of our investigators are equipped with the latest surveillance gear and can help you to uncover the truth without being detected by the suspected party. We are licensed and insured with the Texas Department of Public Safety and offer many years of experience in our field. We understand that you sometimes just need to see proof of what you feel is happening. We can provide you with this truth. We handle every case with the utmost confidentiality and are efficient in all of our services.

Our Houston private investigators are experienced and qualified to help you prove your case. We use a wide range of methods for uncovering the truth from Social Network Profile searches to death records and even Social Security number searches. We can also provide you with a thorough search for business information as well as criminal records, assets, phone records and others. We take the time to ensure that your information is rock solid while still giving you the fastest turnaround possible.

When you need the truth, Keys Investigations can help you to find it. Whether you are dealing with an unfaithful spouse, corporate issues or simply need to prove background information on your subject of interest, we will get you the information that you need. Our investigators have specialized training to give them an edge when conducting investigations and we can use video or still pictures to help you prove your case. Darwin Keys and his staff have helped to gather incriminating evidence for cases that involved millions of dollars and changed the outcome of these cases with their knowledge and experience. Browse our website for more information or contact us at Keys Investigations today.

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