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You might be in a situation where you need surveillance conducted on an individual. Maybe it is a child custody case where you need evidence that your ex-spouse or their live-in partner is abusing your child. Perhaps you suspect your spouse of cheating on you and need to back up that claim with solid video or photographic evidence. Houston private investigators at Keys Investigations can conduct surveillance and has for many clients. Every case is always handled with professionalism and skill. We handle domestic cases and corporate ones as well. Both require qualified investigators in Houston that can pull off a surveillance campaign without being detected. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Keys Investigations can find out what is going on and help you collect the proof required by law to win your case in court.

With a license from the Texas Department of Public Safety (A15405), Keys Investigations has the integrity and experience to deal with situations involving surveillance. We are also fully insured. As professional private investigator in Houston, TX, we are committed to bringing our clients the answers they need with complete confidentiality and a huge emphasis on efficiency. Our techniques are designed to get the truth and we have accomplished this goal for many of our clients. If you have need for investigators in Houston, talk to us and we will give you the ammunition necessary to help find the other party guilty.

The need for surveillance comes in handy in various cases. Child custody cases and cases requiring infidelity investigations are common. But there are also cases where you suspect someone is trying to cheat the insurance company with a fake injury. Or perhaps you are searching for someone and need find out information not readily available on the Internet or phone book. Keys Investigations uses sophisticated tools in our investigations such as telephoto digital cameras, high-tech video equipment, and other devices in our “digital toolbox.” Plus, we have access to several data bases of information that searches people, work records, licenses, criminal records, and more. Our business is to find out the truth and we will work diligently once you hire us to do a job.

If you need surveillance in Houston, our private investigators can get the job done right. Call our investigators in Houston today and we will help you discover the truth. For more on Keys Investigations, call 832-274-2009 or email

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When in Need of Qualified Private Investigators, Houston Residents Count on Keys Investigations

[Posted on Sep 19]

When it comes to getting the truth, you need a qualified and experienced investigator. When in need of qualified private investigators, Houston counts on Keys Investigations. There may be a number of reasons why you would need a private investigator. If you feel that your spouse is being unfaithful, you think that an employee may be stealing from you or you have a child custody case that you are trying to win, hiring a qualified and experienced investigator can mean the difference between learning the truth and fighting in vain. Keys Investigations has private investigators that are experienced and skilled at learning the truth without being detected.

If you feel that your spouse is cheating on you, we can provide you with infidelity investigations that will get the truth. We can conduct surveillance without being seen which allows us to get both still and video pictures of what your spouse is up to when you are not around. In many cases, infidelity carries quite a penalty in divorce court. If you need to prove infidelity to win your case, we can provide you with the proof that you need if in fact your suspicions are accurate.

A Houston private investigator from Keys Investigations will use the latest state of the art surveillance equipment to get you the truth that you need. We are licensed through the Texas Department of Public Safety and are fully committed to getting you the answers that you need. We understand that these cases are often sensitive and require a low profile. Our investigators are skilled at doing their jobs and will get you the facts that you need without ever being detected, which protects your case while we are gathering proof for you. If you feel that an employee is being less than honest in the workplace or you have someone who has filed an illegitimate worker’s compensation claim, we will get you the proof that you need.

Whatever your reason for needing an investigation, we can ensure that you have all of the facts that you need to present your case. Whether you are an employer trying to protect your business, a parent trying to protect your child or a spouse who feels that mistrust has entered your marriage, Keys Investigations will get to the truth for you. Feel free to read more by browsing our website or contact us with any questions today.

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