Owner Darwin Keys is a native Houstonian with over a decade of private investigation experience. Darwin and his staff’s ability to obtain incriminating video/data evidence has changed the outcome of several high-profile, multi-million dollar cases dealing with child custody, workers compensation, insurance defense and spousal infidelity.

My husband’s daily routine changed overnight for no reason. I knew in my heart something was going on but my husband insisted that I was crazy. I decided to retain Keys Investigations and within two days, my suspicions were proved to be correct. He was having an affair with a co-worker. I got the video I needed to confront my husband. I guess I wasn’t so crazy after all.

- Spousal Infidelity Client/Divorce Settled Out of Court

I highly recommend Keys Investigations. During my ex-husband’s visitation with my children, he took my three year old for a ride on his street motorcycle down the freeway, with no helmet. I initially hired Keys Investigations because I thought my husband was violating his visitation agreement by drinking around my children. My attorney was able to get our custody agreement changed to supervised visitation based on the evidence Keys Investigations obtained. Without Keys Investigations, I would have never known the danger my kids were being exposed to when they went to visit their Dad.

- Child Custody Client

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